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Did you know that Scripps Ranch Theater is known as one of the most successful, award-winning theaters in San Diego? That we play to packed houses and have doubled our subscription base in 3 seasons, with no end in sight? We are growing fast and this is an exciting time to get involved. We are a diverse group of fun loving people, young and old, from all walks of life, who enjoy the great experience of working together to create good theater. There is just nothing quite like it – and we are inviting you to get involved.

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Did you do some theater in school? Work in summer stock? Build some sets, paint some flats? Stage-manage? Usher? Design? Make costumes? Make props? Remember how much fun it was? If you remember the laughter, the high energy, and the camaraderie that is unique to the theater experience, get in touch. There is no pressure – get as involved as you want to be – a little or a lot. Our agenda is simple: have fun putting on excellent theater. We’ve been doing that for 25 years! New to theater? You can make a difference right away! Whatever you can do – we need you. There is need at every level of experience and talent. You can make a difference no matter what you can do. We will show you how to do whichever part you are interested in. Opportunity abounds, so join the fun and reap the rewards!

We can use your expertise – and also provide opportunities to learn new skills!

Several spot lights shining down on to a stage with props. Image by bigter choi from Pixabay 

Let us know what you’re interested in:

Business Leadership/Project Management
Our business team works on getting the machine to run smoothly and in the black. Budgets, box office, PR, advertising, recruiting, and 20 special projects a year.

From the front of the theater to the set, everything deserves the artistic touch.

We publish newsletters, PR announcements, programs, articles, this site – you name it!

Set building and stage crafts, every show is a new and fun challenge.

Technical/Computer Projects
We run on computers: coding, data entry, site maintenance too.

Actors wear costumes that have to be made and kept up through the show.

Interacting with People
Ushers, greeters, servers, ticket assistants, the stuff known as The House. Where your warm and friendly personality can shine!

Learn the ins and outs of getting the show up and running. Start out as an assistant and then take the reins. Project management at its best. Work with our Production Auxiliary Group.

Stage Craft
Learn how to build it so it looks real – but isn’t! Find or build props. From the realistic to the fantastic. Work with our Stage Craft Auxiliary Group.

Stage Crew
Want to run the lights? Cue the sound? Place the props? Cue the actors? Be a part of the show.


or call (858) 578-7728.

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