Written by Charlayne Woodard  | Directed by Claire Simba 

Co-production with Loud Fridge Theatre 

March 24 – April 16
Preview Performance: March 24
Opening Night: March 25

On a bare stage, this magnificent storyteller spins her own exquisite real-life remembrance of her brain-damaged aunt, Neat, and the profound change she brought to Charlayne’s life. Neat, with her enormous love, energy, simplicity and magnificent clarity, teaches the young Charlayne what it means to cherish life.

Content Advisory: Neat deals with issues related to the civil rights era, police violence, and the treatment of those with cognitive impairments. A seizure is depicted on stage. 

Jacquelyn Ritz, Director


Written by Neil Simon | Directed by Jacquelyn Ritz

May 19 – June 11 (excluding June 4)
Matinee: June 10 at 2 pm
Preview Performance: May 19
Opening Night: May 20

By America’s great comic playwright, this memory play is set in Yonkers in 1942. Bella is 35 years old, mentally challenged, and living at home with her mother, stern Grandma Kurnitz. As the play opens, ne’er-do-well son Eddie deposits his two young sons on the old lady’s doorstep. He is financially strapped and taking to the road as a salesman. The boys are left to contend with Grandma, with Bella and her secret romance, and with Louie, her brother, a small-time hoodlum in a strange new world called Yonkers. This Pulitzer Prize-winning play deceptively hides real honest life affirmation between jokes, and shows why Neil Simon has been called “the Shakespeare of his time,” and possibly the “most successful playwright in history.”

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